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Tina Turner – Lotus Sutra / Purity of Mind (2H Meditation)

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The meaning of the Lotus Sutra is ‘I devote my life to the Mystic Law of the Lotus Sutra’.

It is the royal sutra of Nichiren Buddhism in Japan (1253). Coming from India to China and then to Japan, the prayer was translated from the Sanskrit word ‘Saddharma-pundarikasutra » first into classical Chinese as ‘Miao-fa Lien-hua Ching’ and then into an ancient form of Japanese as ‘Myoho Renge Kyo’.

The word ‘Nam’ derives from the Sanskrit ‘names’ and means ‘devotion’. It is placed before the name of all deities when worshipping them.

‘Myo’ is the name given to the mystic nature of life and ‘Ho’ to its manifestation.

‘Renge’ means lotus flower. The beautiful and undefiled Lotus blooms in a muddy swamp with all the obstacles against it. It symbolizes the emergence of our Buddha nature from the everyday problems and desires of ordinary life. ‘Renge’ stands also for the simultaneity of cause and effect, because the lotus puts forth its flower and seedpod at the same time.

‘Kyo’ literally means sutra, the voice and teaching of the Buddha.
It also means sound rhythm or vibration and therefore it might be interpreted to indicate the practice of chanting. Since everything in the universe is connected through sound waves, ‘Kyo » refer to the life activity of universal phenomena and indicates that everything is a manifestation of the Mystic Law.

‘Myoho-Renge-Kyo’ is the Mystic Law of the Lotus Sutra. An explanation can help you understand, but the Sutra can only be fully appreciated through chanting it.

TINA: ‘However you must do it, to truly understand. When you say ‘Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo’ it will slowly remove all of the bad decisions you have ever made. The more you repeat the words the more you make you make your life clearer. The more you chant it the closer you get to your true nature. Your true nature is the right way of thinking and the right way of acting. The longer you go on this path, the more you avoid making wrong decisions. The Lotus Sutra helps me in my daily life. It is indeed mystical! And my life has proven this!’


Piano Music for Meditation

Tracks include Butterfly Waltz, Song for Sienna, and Time Forgotten by Brian Crain

1 – 00:00 – Butterfly Waltz
2 – 03:28 – Promise
3 – 06:58 – Song for Sienna
4 – 12:22 – Allegretto
5 – 17:37 – White Dove
6 – 20:59 – Northern Lights
7 – 25:08 – Song of the Heart
8 – 29:24 – Leaves on the Water
9 – 34:02 – Snow
10 – 37:50 – After Sunset
11 – 41:49 – Time Forgotten
12 – 47:14 – Flight of the Eagle
13 – 51:06 – Wild River
14 – 54:45 – Song for Rome
15 – 58:45 – Lavender Hills


Planet Frequency Meditation Music (with Binaural Beats)

* The Platonic Frequencies *

Each one of these etherical tracks are 30 minutes long. They each have a planet frequency woven throughout their composition.

Binaural beats are paced at 55 Hertz to stimulate kundalini energy throughout the body.

Sun: 126.22 Hz 

Effect: The Sun is the transmitter and receiver of energies between Earth and the Cosmos. It is the zero point or the point of stillness in all cycles. This tone expands the magical and the transcendental and advances the attributes of focus, will power and action.

Mercury: 141.27 Hz 

Effect: Intelligence and mobility. Supports the speech center and the communicative-intellectual principle. Cleverness.

Venus: 221.23 Hz 

Effect: Beauty, love, sexuality an harmony. Promotes a great flow of love energy and inner harmony balanced between intellect and intuition.

Earth: 194.18 Hz

Effect: This is the same frequency as an Earth Day, which is 24 hours. The energy is dynamic, stimulating, vitalising and tonifying.

Synodic Moon: 210.42 Hz 

Effect: The Synodic Moon is the time when the Moon is full. This tone stimulates creativity, improves sexual communication and supports erotic communication.

Mars: 144.72 Hz 

Effect: Activity, energy, freedom and humor. Supports strength of will and focused energy. Ability for achievement.

Jupiter: 183.58 Hz 

Effect: Growth, success, justice and spirituality. Supports creative power and continuous construction.

Saturn: 147.85 Hz 

Effect: Enhances concentration and the process of becoming conscious. Shows very karmic connections, brings structure and order. Is considered to be cosmic controller.

Uranus: 207.36 Hz 

Effect: Spontaneity, independence and originality. Supports the power of surprise and renewal, has primeval and erotic power.

Neptune: 211.44 Hz 

Effect: The unconscious, secrets, imagination and spiritual love. Supports intuition, the unconsciousness and enhances the dream experience.

Pluto: 140.25 Hz 

Effect: Power, crisis and changes. Supports the magic group dynamic principle and is said to be responsible for integration into certain structures of society.

Relaxing music for meditation and yoga – Vyanah

Yoga Spirit – Rising Sun

Vyanah – Music for Meditation

Music for Deep Meditation

Talking to the Moon

Yoga Spirit – Morning Dawn

Yoga Music Relax

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Hi, I’m Kirk Philip Monteux a music composer and photographer. I created this youtube channel with relaxing meditation music videos. I put all my music and photos together to provide you with this specialized music channel.

Beautiful soothing and peaceful music dedicated to make you feel better. Listen to the music for a deep relaxation find your inner peace and a state of relaxation.

mysoftmusic creation is also perfect as background while meditating, massage, studying, yoga, or fall asleep.

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