Music and Dancing

Poems are the rough notation for the music we are ♫ ~Rumi



Moments in Love – Art of Noise (Remixes)

 Official – Moments in Love (Remix)

 MOMENTS IN LOVE (Angel Heart Remix 2013)

Moments In Love – Anne Dudley

The Rhythm Divine – Moments In Love

My 90-Year-Old Grandma Dances to Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance with Somebody

It is gladdening to see the 90-year-old woman sparkle as she danced to the beat, being young at heart. It reminds me of a post I read recently about being lost in the dance – she (the dancer) became the dance, and one with the divine.

Rumi: Say I Am You (Sufi poem)

Video commentary:

Rumi’s poems elegantly and consistently touch our inner being and inspire us to go beyond our limitations towards the Divine.

My beloved asked me “Why does Rumi’s poem have such a power and energy in them?”

I think Rumi’s poems have so much power and energy because he must have devoted much time meditating on scriptures like the Song of songs about our oneness with the Beloved. I would go with his interpretations of the scriptures because they bring peace and we learn from the book of James that wisdom from above is peaceable. So being soaked in God’s loving presence, Rumi was able to convey the voice of our Beloved through his poems that beckons us to come away with Him and be free from the condemning voices of the world system and be refreshed in our spirit as we rediscover our inclusion and union with Him. The natural elements around us like the sun, the moon, the morning mist and the wind serve to remind us that we are inseparable from our Creator for they are always with us without fail. They can be our gentle guides to reconnect ourselves and see ourselves being one with the universe.

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