Music and Dancing

Poems are the rough notation for the music we are ♫ ~Rumi


Pablo Arellano

Healing Music – Longing for Love – Duet piano and voice

Beautiful Long Time relaxing Music Endless Love

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Piano and Pad for up moment in life.
surround yourself with love.


Beautiful Relaxing LongTime Healing Music (Deep Meditation 2) Piano

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Simple and relaxing piano music for any moment of relaxing.
Enjoy, share and subscribe.
Pablo Arellano, love and light.

Beautiful Long Time Relaxing Music Choir & Strings “Echoes of Peace”

Here’s sharing this relaxing music I was listening to, and I felt as if I was transported into another realm where I enjoy bliss and inspiration. The music is like exquisite food for my ears and my soul.

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Strings and choir a spiritual combination, relax and enjoy.

Healing Piano – I BELIEVE IN LOVE

I find this piano orchestra music stirring and inspiring.

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