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Karunesh – Wanderer

Karunesh – Wanderer (jembe drum cover)

karunesh-the wanderer


karunesh ~ the way of the heart

I was looking for music by Karunesh on YouTube that I may not have heard before, and found this one that has quite a soulful and gentle beginning.

Karunesh Music Sounds

Lista de reproducción:
1. Karunesh – Calling Wisdom
2. Karunesh – Beyond Heaven
3. Karunesh – Hearing you now
4. Karunesh – Eagle’s Flight
5. Karunesh – Endless skies
6. Karunesh – Monsoon’s Dance
7. Karunesh – Punjab
8. Karunesh – Vishnu
9. Karunesh – Dervish dream
10. Karunesh – A Beautiful Day
11. Karunesh – Earth Spirit
12. Karunesh – Solitude
13. Karunesh – Zensual
14. Karunesh – Returning to now
15. Karunesh – A Journey To India
16. Karunesh – Heaven & Earth


Zensual – Karunesh

I am listening to the Call of the Mystic music album in Youtube, and I am loving the incredibly soul-moving and awe-inspiring music. I learnt that a favourite track is called “Zensual“, which sounds a bit like the 80s music by the Art of Noise called “Moments in Love”, and I believe the musician Karunesh probably got his inspiration partly from “Moments in Love” and composed his own creative mystical remix version of the music.



Karunesh – Call of the Mystic (Beautiful Relaxation Music) [Full album + tracklist]


Karunesh – Call of the Mystic \tracklist\

00:00 For the Joy of it All
6:29 Hearing You Now
13:20 Monsoon’s Dance
20:17 Mount Kailash
26:16 Sunrise at the Ganges
32:15 Zensual
39:39 And the Grass Grows by Itself
45:22 Ancient Voices

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