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Poems are the rough notation for the music we are ♫ ~Rumi


Kevin Kern

Remembering The Light ✹ Kevin Kern

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“You were born a child of light’s wonderful secret— you return to the beauty you have always been.”
― Aberjhani —

Kevin Kern – Where Paths Meet

I was listening to this music by Kevin Kern while working on the computer. Somehow earlier this afternoon, the melody came back to my mind which I had listened to years ago, which reminds me of Bette Midler’s “Wind beneath my wings”, especially the first stanza. I decided to google the song titles in Kevin Kern’s albums, and finally managed to locate this very song that matches the melody in my head, and I learnt it is aptly called “Where paths meet”.

Kevin Kern – The Enchanted Garden

I came across this article while posting music videos in my blog – it says listening to music “strengthens the heart and improves stamina” as it helps release endorphins into the brain.

“‘There is not an “ideal” music for everybody and patients should choose music which increases positive emotions and makes them happy or relaxed.’

Professor Ilic believes that, while the study only involved people with heart disease, the findings suggest that people without a heart condition would also benefit from listening to music which makes them happy and relaxed.”

(From “Could listening to music make you fitter? Enjoying your favourite tune strengthens the heart and improves stamina“)

I was listening to another favourite music of mine by Kevin Kern called “The enchanted garden” earlier, which makes me happy and relaxed.

Kevin Kern ~ Summer Daydreams

I was listening to this blissful music on my way to office, which helped filter out the traffic noise from the busy roads along the way – it is from the third album by Kevin Kern – I find the music has a dreamy and evocative quality, as the piano sounds blended well with those of the stringed and wind instruments.

Kevin Kern ~ Beyond the Sundial and Sundial Awakening

I agree with the reviewer who wrote about Kevin Kern’s second album “Beyond the Sundial”:

“The music is soothing, refreshing. Listening to it is reminds me of sitting on the porch swing at the end of the day while the breeze washes over you. It’s a vacation for the mind and soul.”

Yes, listening to his music is like a vacation for the mind and soul, like a gentle breeze washing over me.

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