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Poems are the rough notation for the music we are ♫ ~Rumi


Snatam Kaur

Again and Again – Snatam Kaur & Peter Kater

I think the song celebrates our expansive, inclusive and infinite
nature that is timeless and ageless.

Mantra: Again and Again

Complete Mantra:

I sit, gently I hear your Name

Whispered on wind and rain

Touching my skin so softly

On fire, my heart is aflame again

Burning from deep within

Waiting for this dream to end

I surrender my fear

And my foolish pride

And my tears

I come home to you

Again and again

Gurmukhi: Ang Sang Waheguru

Translation: The miracle of God, and the experience of God is within each and every cell and fiber.

Snatam Kaur & Peter Kater ~ Just to Know You

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There is something in all of us that seeks the spiritual ~ the spiritual is inclusive. It is the deepest sense of belonging and participation. We all participate in the spiritual at all times , whether we know it or not. There is no place to go to be separated ~ When we seek connection, we restore the world to wholeness. Our seemingly separate lives become meaningful as we discover how truly necessary we are to each other .
Margaret Wheatley ~

If we think about it, we find that our life consists in achieving a pure relationship between ourselves and the living universe around us ~ this is how I ~ save my soul ~ by accomplishing a pure relationship between me and another person, me and a nation, me and a race of people, me and animals, me and the trees, or flowers, me and the skies and the sun and the stars ~ me and the moon ~~ an infinity of pure relationships, big and little ~ This, if we know it, is our life and our eternity, the subtle perfect relation between me and the circumambient universe ~~
D.H. Lawrence

Song is from the newest CD by Snatam Kaur and Peter Kater ~ Heart of the Universe

Mantra: Just to Know You

Complete Mantra:
Just to know you
Just to live inside your grace
Just to feel you
In my heart, at this time, in this place

There is peace in every breath
As my mind dwells on your name
Finding peace, peace within
Treasure of bliss, never ends

Gurmukhi: Saas Saas man naam Man naam samaarai. Eho bisaraam nid paa-ee
Translation: With each and every breath my mind remembers the Naam, the Name of the Lord.
In this way it finds the treasure of bliss.

Language: English and Gurmukhi

Author: Guru Arjan, Peter Kater, Snatam Kaur

“Carry me across the ocean” by Snatam Kaur and Peter Kater

“One day, music will take its rightful place as the true religion of Mankind” – Inayat Khan


Carry Me / Tara Lai

Complete Mantra:

A tear drop falls into the ocean

This world is so full of greed

I cannot swim in these waters

Beloved, please carry me

Welling up, waves of emotion

Guide my soul through this storm

Show me the way with your mercy

Guide me, guide me back home


Carry me across the ocean

Carry me with your love

Give me your hand

Hold me close

Give me peace, give me peace, sweet peace


Lobh leher at neejar baajai Kaayaa dubay Keshava


The waves of avarice unceasingly spring into play. My body is drowning oh Keshava.


Sansaar Samunday Taar Gobinday Taar Lai Baap Beetula


Carry me across the world ocean, Lord of the world. Carry me across oh Loved Father.

Gurmukhi: Anil bera ho kayv na saako Tayraa paar na paaya beetula

Translation: I cannot steer my boat through the indescribable realm. The far shore I cannot find.

Gurmukhi Chorus

Taar Lai, Taar Lai Taar Lai, Baap Beetula Taar Lai, Taar Lai Taar Lai, Baap Beetula


Carry me across the world ocean, Lord of the world.

Carry me across oh Loved Father.

Carry me across the ocean

Carry me with your love

Give me your hand

Hold me close

Give me peace

Give me peace

Sweet peace

Language: English and Gurmukhi

Source: Gurmukhi

Lyrics by Nam Dev ji from the writings of the Sikhs

Author: Nam Dev ji, Peter Kater, Snatam Kaur

“Heart of the universe” by Snatam Kaur and Peter Kater

I was listening to this inspirational music I came across yesterday while googling about the heart of the universe. I was pleasantly surprised to find a song bearing this phrase as its title, and it was aptly sung by Snatam Kaur, who is notable for singing spiritual, moving songs such as this.

“There is a space that exists with us ~ and around us ~ where angels sing on rays of light ~ and love pours forth, love pours forth, love pours forth ~ from the heart of the Universe”

I like what Snatam Kaur said about her music album “Heart of the Universe” in this interview:

“For me, this album represents a soul’s journey and experience on this planet. For the soul there is always a longing to merge with the Divine, with that which we are all connected to, which is in essence the Heart of the Universe. In our day to day lives most of us do not allow space for this connection, or even believe that it exists. I feel that the songs on this album are simply a pure experience of that connection. It is as if to say through music and song that yes, the voice of the soul is important, and the connection to the Divine is real. It calibrates our relationship to the Universe, reminding us that we in fact have an Infinite Source from which to draw upon and relate to.”

(From an interview with Snatam Kaur on “Heart of the universe“)

It reminds me of my reflection on Peter Rollins’ blog on this line “The confidence that comes from love has no necessary connection with ones rational reflection… To paraphrase Pascal, it is a reason of the heart that reason cannot know”, and this love is the heart of the universe, the love that knows pains and sufferings and yet lives through them, the love that embraces our doubts and weaknesses.

I learnt that her album is also well received by a number of listeners. One reviewer wrote:

“Peter Kater and Snatam Kaur have teamed to create a magical & beautiful CD! The set opens with the lovely “The Song of Your Heart” with Kater’s piano and synthesizer supporting Kaur’s gorgeous voice and the affirming lyric, “Rise before the morning light; Let your soul take its flight; God is with you listening.” “Sanctuary” follows with a glorious devotional melody, “The light of my soul, with every breath I bow to you, with love in my heart, I offer my life to you.” “Heart of the Universe” is a lovely mantra that is an almost nine-minute spiritual processional. “Carry Me” uses the writing of the Sikhs that marries a lovely melody and stunning vocal performance by Snatuam Kaur to create musical ambrosia, “Welling up, waves of emotion, guide my soul through this storm, show me the way with your mercy, guide me back home.” Other tracks like “Soft Like Wax” and “Just to Know You” are also glorious gems. This is music as unhurried as a meditation, as lovely as that connection when mind meets spirit, and as beautiful as the realization that this sublime joy will never end. “Heart of the Universe” is a tonic for the soul. Bravo! “

I also came across this article that talks about “The Path to the Heart of the Universe”, and I like its description of the mystical nature of the universe in which we live and move and have our being, and experience our oneness with the universe.

“Man is an inseparable part of the universe in which he lives and moves and has his being. There is no separation whatsoever between his roots and the roots of the universe, there is no distance between them. The same universal life flows through all things that are. The same stream of consciousness which flows in the mighty Whole and through the mighty Whole of the universe, flows therefore through man, an inseparable portion of that universe. This means that there is a pathway by which you may come into intimate relation with the heart of the universe itself; and that pathway is you, your own inner being, your own inner nature, your spiritual self. Not the self of ordinary physical man, which self is just a poor reflection of the spiritual brilliance within, but that inner self of pure consciousness, pure love for all that is, unstained by any earthly taint — your spiritual being.

When you turn to your greater self, which is the higher part of your own constitution; when you become the inner Buddha, when you become the Christ within you, although you give up the physical personality and the mental personality and the crippling things which distract you and worry you and cause you to fret and give you pain and sorrow, you enter into the sublime light of the spirit, and exchange the personality for divinity. It is worth giving up everything to attain it, for when a man gives up his life for the sake of the Christ within him he shall find it, because in so doing he finds the life universal.”

(From “The path to the heart of the universe“)

The last part of the above excerpt reminds me of the narrow path Jesus spoke about, which could be referring to the path we take as we take up our own cross and follow him, and leave behind the societal system and mindset of the world, and we will experience the zoe life he came to give us, and we also find solidarity and love in the kingdom of God with one another.

Snatam Kaur – Earth Prayer

“Pavan Guru Pani Pita Mata Dharat Mahat
(English Translation: Air is the Guru, Water is the Father, the Great Earth is our Mother)”

I enjoyed listening to the tranquil music and soothing prayer. May the air continue to guide us as our Guru, may the water watch over us as our Father and may the Great Earth take care of us and provide for all our needs as our Mother.


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