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Poems are the rough notation for the music we are ♫ ~Rumi


February 2016

Throat Chakra Music

Music is from the German CD “Hals-Chakra-Meditation”. Concept: Marianne Uhl / Hanne Grym. Composers are: Bernd and Achim Bauer.

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Free music-making apps on Android

Been exploring mobile music-making apps on Xiaomi Mi4i phone, and so far, I like these 4 apps:

  1. Walk Band
  2. Beatmaker
  3. G-Stomper studio
  4. Music Making Jam

This article says:

“Walk Band is the type of app that you would mostly enjoy if you can fit your music into a standard set of instruments since the app only offers that. On the other hand, you have full multitrack composing capabilities right in your pocket with little to no expansion from the core functionality but that may be enough for you.”

As for Music Making Jam, one article says:

“If you’re not particularly good with the music but still do not want to deprive you create songs, then Music Maker Jam is for you. This application allows you to remix your rhythms and create your own composition. The free version includes hip-hop, dance, rock and jazz and from there can move adding instruments, loops and effects, mixing up to eight different channels.”

Another article says of Music Making Jam:

“The Magix Music Maker series has a long history before the smartphone and tablets era, but it has made the leap well. This app sees you arranging loops and samples – as well as your own vocal recordings – into songs. There’s a catalogue of samples to choose from, with more available a sin-app purchases from chiptune to metal.”


Will explore other mobile music apps to see if they also have a decent, user-friendly keyboard-based synthesiser and sequencer with inspiring sounds. Given that hardware music workstations tend to be expensive and complex, not to mention bulky and space-consuming, I see such free mobile music studios as a promising alternative to music creation and experimentation.



Love Yourself Unconditionally – Subliminal Binaural Meditation for Self Love and Acceptance

Self-love is not about praising yourself and your skills in every given moment and tell everyone how great you are, but it’s an inner sense that makes you feel loved only because of your being. When you love and accept yourself, you’re not looking from approvals from others that will define who you are, but you offer your authentic self and accepting the other for who he or she is. Self love does not come from the ego, it’s not egoist, it’s love that comes from a place of self-acceptance, compassion to ourselves, the ability to forgive, to learn, to let go and grow spiritually and emotionally.

This subliminal messages meditation will implant new thought patterns in your subconscious mind and guide you to love and accept yourself.

Binaural Beats base frequencies:
256 hz – associated with root chakra and a sense of grounding and confidence.
221.23 hz – upports higher love energy and aspiration for harmony
Alpha-Theta brainwaves 9 hz and 6 hz.

The affirmations of this subliminal session:
Loving myself is a deep inner feeling I hold at all times
I fully release the need for approval from other people
I am valuable and deserving individual
I am accepting all of my traits and changing what is needed
I feel complete; I am a whole
Loving myself for who I am feels like a natural thing
I know my values and feel free to express them when needed
It is completely safe to love who I am
Loving myself allows me to love other people for who they are
Loving myself is respecting my being
I easily release blockages and resistances from my system
When I love myself, I look inside into my soul and face my inner self
When I love myself, my vibrational energy is rising high

Listen with headphones for 4 weeks to 90 days.
***this is not a replacement for a therapy, please advise with your health care provider”***

Attract The Love Of Your Life: Open Your Heart To Love Again | Subliminal Messages Isochronic Tones

This subliminal relaxing meditation with Isochronic Tones was created to help you finding your soul mate. Attracting a partner or a spouse that fits your needs and values can easily happen if you tune into a vibrational state of love.
Download audio MP3 version of this meditation here…
When you are complaining about the lack of love you are experiencing or feeling jealous of others that have a happy and harmonic relationship, you are emphasizing the absence of love in your life an attracting more of it.
The subliminal affirmations will help you release the subconscious blockages you carry about love and relationships, and will implant empowering new beliefs that will feel naturally to you over time.
The base frequency is 341 hz which is related to the heart chakra and 7.83 hz Schumann resonance.

The subliminal suggestions of this meditation:
My heart is open to receive love
I deserve to give love and feel loved
I am ready for the perfect spouse for me to enter into my life
My heart is willing to accept the love of my life
Love, Honesty and trust are my core values and I attract a partner who radiates the same
I am tapping into a vibrational energy of love every day that goes by
I know that in order to attract my life partner I need to radiate love
I am tuned into an infinite love frequency
The universe is sending me my perfect match
I am willing to forgive my exes and learn from my past mistakes
I am willing to manage my relationship out of a place of understanding
Everything is do is in the vibration of love
I love myself; I feel love in my life right now
It is easy for me to express love and receive love

** This is not a replacement for any kind of treatment. Please consult with your health care provider**
**Do not listen in a moving vehicle/ before driving/ when doing tasks that might put you or others at risk.
**Headphones are not required, but you are welcome to use them**

What are Solfeggio Frequencies?​ Here is what I learned


Solfeggio frequencies are considered to bring spiritual blessings, open the chakras and connect you with the universe, spirituality and supreme beings.”

396 Hz to liberate you from guilt and fear

417hz to facilitate change

528hz the healing power of love

639hz Balancing relationships re-connection


741hz  Awaking intuition

852hz returning to spiritual order

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