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Poems are the rough notation for the music we are ♫ ~Rumi


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Daytime Dreamer – Omar Akram

I was listening to the new age music album “Daytime Dreamer” by Omar Akram for the first time, which I found soothing, when the title track hit me in the core of my soul. I then felt that I have to post this mesmerising piece of heavenly music here in my blog.

Chris Franke – Malibu Trails

Video information

Christopher Franke
Song: Malibu Trails (Senderos de Malibu)
Album: Enchanting Nature
Genre: Ambient – New Age – Berlin School – Chill out
Year: 1996

✫Beautiful Moments ~ Ryan Farish ✫

S.E.N.S. – Like A Wind (E-Piano and orchestral cover remix)

Video information

Composed on 21 December 2013 on Xewton Music Studio (iPhone)

GEORG DEUTER – Lovesong from the Mountains

Deuter ~ After the Rain (432 Hz)

a moment in heaven

a moment to relax

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