Music and Dancing

Poems are the rough notation for the music we are ♫ ~Rumi


September 2013

GEORG DEUTER – Lovesong from the Mountains

Kenny G – Forever In Love

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A song that speaks from the heart with no words

Deuter ~ After the Rain (432 Hz)

Beautiful Long Time Relaxing Music Choir & Strings “Echoes of Peace”

Here’s sharing this relaxing music I was listening to, and I felt as if I was transported into another realm where I enjoy bliss and inspiration. The music is like exquisite food for my ears and my soul.

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Strings and choir a spiritual combination, relax and enjoy.

Here With You ~ Twinflames Song

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Here With You ~ A love song dedicated to my equal and opposite and dedicated to the twinflame within each and every one of us. Once we start having a most wondrous love affair with ourselves do we then attract our divine complement in another form to us for the balance of the male and female has occurred within so we cannot help but attract our mirror if only for the sake of expanding onwards and be~come~in more of ourselves ~ for only in the giveth do we receiveth. ~ Emanuehl

Track~Here With You composed by Emanuehl

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