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Poems are the rough notation for the music we are ♫ ~Rumi



Chris Franke – Malibu Trails

Video information

Christopher Franke
Song: Malibu Trails (Senderos de Malibu)
Album: Enchanting Nature
Genre: Ambient – New Age – Berlin School – Chill out
Year: 1996

Return to Peace

Video information

We need beauty, silence, stillness, and solitude. The photos are mine all taken during this past winter season in a landscape that so represents beauty, silence, stillness, and solitude to me.

The beautiful music is Dr Andrew Weil and Kimba Arem.

I enjoyed this music video very much. I like the sonorous guitar and evocative flute sounds which are peaceful and calming to listen to, and the nature scenery and pictures of birds such as the majestic eagles soaring complement the music very well. Like John Donohue said in his quote in the video, “Indeed, the beauty of nature is often the wisest calm”, and I feel as if I am transported into another realm where all is tranquil when listening to the mesmerising music.

Sow Peace

(Nature Inspiration Video w/Music) America’s Beautiful West

I was listening to this inspirational music and I hope you enjoy listening to it too – I thought it can be a good song to start off the day as the music slowly builds up from soft instrumental to become more energetic toward the end, musically speaking.

Video information | Relax, rejuvenate, & stimulate your senses on a visual journey across America’s beautiful West, all synchronized to a wonderfully uplifting, spiritual track by Darshan Ambient. This video was created to help you wake up & take inspiration from the magical glory of Mother Nature. Thanks for commenting, liking, and favoriting 🙂 Be sure and subscribe for more of YouTube’s highest quality nature videos! (Next up: Fiji Islands)

More Info:
Song Name: “Talking Book” by Darshan Ambient
From his upcoming album “A Day Within Days,” available November 2010. (


Tranquility Time Reflection. Music United with Nature. Moon Stream.

A relaxing music video.

Video commentary:

2 Hours of Tranquility & Downloads at:
Written & Produced by Tzvi Erez & Fred Kinck Petersen. Continuous nature sounds with stunning music backgrounds. This is from the final and full release of Tranquility Time Reflection – meditation and relaxation for you mind, body and soul.



Copyright 2012 Niv Classical Records & Tzvi Erez. All Copying and False Copyright Claims are Strictly Prohibited.

Enigma – Sunrise

“To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.”
David Viscott

This ambient music reminds me of the writing by John O’Donohue about awakening from his book “Anam Cara: A book of Celtic Wisdom” – it is good to revisit his poetic writing because it is worth remembering and meditating upon for inspiration and refreshment:

“We rest in the night.
The dawn is a refreshing time, a time of possibility and promise.
All the elements of nature – stones, fields, rivers and animals – are suddenly there anew in the fresh dawn light.
Just as darkness brings rest and release, so the dawn brings awakening and renewal.
In our mediocrity and distraction, we forget that we are privileged to live in a wondrous universe.
Each day, the dawn unveils the mystery of this universe.
Dawn is the ultimate surprise; it awakens us to the immense ‘thereness’ of nature.
The wonderful subtle color of the universe arises to clothe everything.
This is captured in a phrase from William Blake: ‘Colours are the wounds of light.’
Colors bring out the depth of secret presence at the heart of nature.”

. (◠‿◠) .



Video commentary:

Take action:

The Campaign for a World We Can Breathe In. As a campaign like this should, the video speaks for itself.

The rising and ebbing of the ocean tides does resemble the regular pattern of our breathing in and breathing out. Maybe that’s why spending time in Nature places or looking at Nature pictures or videos calm our mind because it helps to retune the rhythm of our soul to align with the rhythm of the Universe, and our heart beats as one.

Enigma – La puerta del cielo

“La puerta del cielo” means “The door of the sky” in Spanish.

English translation of the lyrics:

“There inside the channel, at the mountain’s foot, it seems that you can hear some (animal) bells. The flock is going slowly, if it is really moving. (x2) Inside, the singing of the crickets and an owl claim its tranquility and that smelling that reminds me wet barn straws Down there, inside the channel, at the mountain’s foot, it seems that you can hear some (animal) bells From barn straws, from wet barn straw”

Listening to the song is like expanding our awareness to be conscious of the beauty and activity of Nature around us – the movement of the flock, the singing of the cricket, the drifting of the clouds – it’s like dwelling in higher consciousness of love and harmony, hence the apt title “The door of the sky”.

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