Following his debut spiritual music album “SOAK I”, David Bruce has released his second album “SOAK II”. Like his first album, “SOAK II” is a mellow and melodious compendium of vocals and instrumentals, which are both soothing and inspiring to listen to.

What I love about this album is that the music and songs appear to be flowing spontaneously like a river tumbling along its course from the pristine snow-capped mountains towards the grand ocean.

David Bruce is blessed with a skilful mastery of musical instruments that brings out their sonority and harmony in his compositions. He also has a keen sense of musical intuitiveness to invent and improvise music that echoes the heartbeats of God/Goddess/Divine Love within his soul.

Because of the improvisational nature of his songs, they have an enduring quality. They sound as fresh and resonant to me today as they did when I first listened to his album back in 2011.

I hope that you will listen to his music and consider buying/downloading his album, as I believe you will find refreshment and refuge in the love of God/Goddess/Divine Love, as I have myself.

David’s music serves to facilitate that much needed (re)connection to the all-encompassing Universal Spirit that is in us, as us and around us.

May you be washed and comforted and refreshed in God’s Bathtub as you listen to “SOAK II”.