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Ever feel sluggish, lacking energy, body shame, out of touch with how you feel and experience a sense of guilt for feeling good (including intimate pleasures)? That may be your underactive Sacral chakra, or Svanhisthana.

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When the Sacral chakra is overactive, you may feel like your emotions are a ticking bomb ready to explode. You often experience unbalanced emotions and find yourself emotionally dependent on other people. This subliminal healing meditation will help you open, cleanse and balance the center of your emotional, creative and sexual energy – the Sacral chakra.

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The soothing meditation also contains frequencies that are associated with the Sacral chakra. Base frequencies are 417 hz and 288 hz with 9 hz Alpha waves pulses (Isochronic Tones). *Headphones are recommended to maximize results.

The affirmations (both ‘you’ and ‘I’):

I am fully connected with my body

I am deeply connected to my feelings

My passion center is in complete harmonious balance

I feel comfortable with my body; I love my body

I am passionate

Emotions are the language of my soul

I often feel creative and energetic

I allow myself to express my creative energy

I radiate warmth, joy and creativity

I allow myself to express my true feelings and desires

I honor my sacred sexuality

I enjoy my sexuality in a balanced way

It is safe to express my sexuality in healthy ways

I feel comfortable in my skin

I am an emotionally grounded person with healthy boundaries

I am discovering my infinite creative power

I have a great passion for life

I am open for intimacy and closeness with the right person

I am confident

I can fulfill my dreams and passions

I am completely mindful of my emotional triggers

My emotions are balanced

I allow my emotions to follow through me in healthy ways