Music keeps the dream alive…

“We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” – Martin Luther King

It is a work of art signed Frey and Christian Morisset Guevara that celebrates multiculturalism of the city of Granby, Quebec, Canada. Ilyanous is a hymn in which the heart uniting musicians and singers beats on a beat common: openness to the other. Project human values like no other.

The sound of the tam tam Indian, basic instrument of all musical confused Ilyanous brings together 25 musicians, 33 singers, choirs and moult three extras, all from the town of Granby, home of more than one hundred ethnicities. The organization SERY (ethnic solidarity of the Yamaska Regional), which has a special relationship with immigrants, and has facilitated the gathering of all these people.

Come all
That the wind pushes us

Come all
The city or the bush
For the rhythm of our steps

Recorded in the studio MikkoraSon Granby, Christian Morisset wrote the music, co-written with Frey Guevara’s words and images are sensitive and present the work of Louis-Philippe in January. Timeless and without cliché, Ilyanous succeeds brilliantly in rhythm to the words sung in 15 languages.

Now it’s “groove” requires that the project around the globe.
Frey Guevara – Christian Morisset – Louis Philippe Janvier © 2011

It is said that we are the universe expressing itself for a little while. Is that why we are being expressed in so many different and diverse ways? We manifest in different skin colours, different shapes and sizes and different languages, and so on, and we who are many are also one. When one suffers, all suffer. When one does well, all rejoice. In the past, our sufferings seem disparate and fragmented. In the internet age, we become more aware and integrated. Conflicts and misunderstandings may arise as we come together and encounter our differences for the first time, but through dialogues and soul searching, we begin to understand one another and we begin to understand ourselves like never before too.