Been exploring mobile music-making apps on Xiaomi Mi4i phone, and so far, I like these 4 apps:

  1. Walk Band
  2. Beatmaker
  3. G-Stomper studio
  4. Music Making Jam

This article says:

“Walk Band is the type of app that you would mostly enjoy if you can fit your music into a standard set of instruments since the app only offers that. On the other hand, you have full multitrack composing capabilities right in your pocket with little to no expansion from the core functionality but that may be enough for you.”

As for Music Making Jam, one article says:

“If you’re not particularly good with the music but still do not want to deprive you create songs, then Music Maker Jam is for you. This application allows you to remix your rhythms and create your own composition. The free version includes hip-hop, dance, rock and jazz and from there can move adding instruments, loops and effects, mixing up to eight different channels.”

Another article says of Music Making Jam:

“The Magix Music Maker series has a long history before the smartphone and tablets era, but it has made the leap well. This app sees you arranging loops and samples – as well as your own vocal recordings – into songs. There’s a catalogue of samples to choose from, with more available a sin-app purchases from chiptune to metal.”


Will explore other mobile music apps to see if they also have a decent, user-friendly keyboard-based synthesiser and sequencer with inspiring sounds. Given that hardware music workstations tend to be expensive and complex, not to mention bulky and space-consuming, I see such free mobile music studios as a promising alternative to music creation and experimentation.