Here’s sharing this awesome musical presentation on the secret life of water, which really honors the work of Masaru Emoto through its poetic and inspirational writings on the nature and journey of water. Yes, like the message says, we are water and the wisdom of water we know, and as we allow ourselves to flow, and the wonder grows, our soul “will reach beyond the seas, with harmony on prayers of peace”. Indeed, “understanding the water’s remarkable journey to and through our planet may give us closer to the answers we are searching for.” 

It reminds me of how everything in life can be a symbol or symbolized to carry hidden meanings, and Nature itself, including water, is full of symbolism. For example, the water cycle can be a metaphor of our human life cycle – “Water, in its most pure and beautiful form, rises up the cool air of the first morning, creating a mist… or it will rise even higher to form clouds… Rain falls, bringing nourishment to the earth – forest, fields, flowers. The water sinks into the ground only to emerge ages later as spring water.” It also somehow reminds me of a poem I wrote years ago called “Where the river flows“.  

I like what the video says about how “water carries with it your thoughts and your prayers. And as you yourself are water, no matter where you are, your prayers will be carried to the rest of the world” – yes, and I believe that is how tea meditation and drinking crystal water can be so potent and powerful because our prayers and meditations on blessings through drinking tea or crystal water can diffuse such peace and healing to both ourselves and the rest of the world around us.