“Adventure in Paradise ”
Written by Michael Bernard Beckwith and Stephen Bray
Produced by Stephen Bray and John Potoker

Take a breath, right here
Take a holy breath, right here

I’m taking an adventure
I’m taking an adventure in paradise

As we’re lifted up into the spiritual domain
We begin to see a little bit differently
There’s a broadcast going on
This broadcast comes from within you
There’s a song singing in you

There is something within you that wants to express
There is something within you that wants to come forward
You are anointed and appointed by the Spirit
As the image and likeness of Divine and ultimate reality
As we hang in that domain we bring heaven to earth
As a spiritual practice, wake up and say to yourself

“I’m taking an adventure in paradise
And guess what? I’m taking you with me!
I’m activating my spiritual stimulus package
I’m taking an adventure in paradise”
Your stimulus package begins with an awareness
That you’re sourced and fueled and funded
By a renewable resource which is within you
It never runs out, it is your Essence, it’s your life

Your Divine spiritual stimulus package
Is activating the gifts of Divinity within you
That you may express them
You will express them beyond your wildest imagination
And joy, joy breaks out all over
It’s the real Source
Feel it! Feel it in your bones
Take a holy breath and say to yourself

In order to have this stimulus package
Stop looking outside for help
Become still and listen, listen with that inner ear
Life is everywhere, joy is everywhere
Love is everywhere, why don’t we see that?