Liquid Mind, Chakra Music, Miles Davis, Sun Ra and Eno.

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1. Night Light 0:00
2. Moment of Grace 11:13
3. Journey to Peace 22:11
4. Breathe In Me 33:31
5. Adagio for Sleep 40:56
6. Touching Calm 48:33

I have listened to the calming liquid mind music and I like the relaxed mood created by the slowly shifting chords of the synthesizer sounds. I think it is good for listening when one is winding down to go to sleep and I almost drifted off to sleep around the half hour mark of the video. I found it good for listening to upon waking up in the morning too when I was still bleary-eyed the first few minutes and listening to this music with my eyes closed and my mind relaxed is just what I need to gradually wake up according to the natural rhythm of the day.