I’ve learned to live
I’ve learned to survive
To light up a bonfire
To sharpen a knife
And I’ve learned to trap
I’ve learned how to hunt
To line up the target
To take what I want

But where have you gone?

I’ve learned to learn
I’ve learned to explore
And how to sneak silently
On a leaf-covered floor
And I’ve learned to trace
I’ve learned to divide
The instincts to follow
And those you’d better hide

Straying through the forest
In search for a guide
I get a glimpse of a gleam
Through the oaks
But it’s just another candle
It’s just another light
On the grand graveyard of hopes

I’ve learned to grow
I’ve learned to take heed
Yet turn a blind eye
On my wrinkles, indeed
And I’ve learned to smile
I’ve learned to behave
To clean up my dooryard
To set up my cave

I’ve learned to pray
I’ve learned to believe
That at the very end
There will be no reprieve
And it can’t be undone
No it can’t be undone”

I have listened to the song, and the part on learning to live reminds me of the closing statement by Peter Rollins in his video on Transformance Art: “We create a space where … we try to sensitise ourselves to one another, to confront ourselves, and we confront each other, so that we can finally learn what it means to live before we die.”

I understand from the song lyrics that it is about learning to live in such a way that there will be no regrets at the very end because we would have been true to ourselves and we would have endeavoured to live as fully as we can through learning, exploring, growing, praying and believing in a world of uncertainties and sufferings. It is by embracing the darkness that we experience the light that shines, like “another candle… on a grand graveyard of hopes”.