Here’s sharing this soundtrack music for “The secret life of trees” that was recommended in my Youtube newsfeed – I found it relaxing and pleasant to listen to. The video description says “Each five minute composition transitions smoothly to the next making it perfect for yoga flow practice.”

I was curious about the title of the video, and googled about it, and learnt it is referring to the book of the same title. According to this book review, trees have a memory and a kind of chemical intelligence. I suppose it can be considered that trees have some sort of consciousness, that enables them to adapt to changing environmental factors in order to survive and thrive throughout the generations.

“Unlike animals, which eat, breath, sense and even think, trees seem to do only one thing: they grow. Their secret, Tudge reveals, is that they are more like animals than they appear. Hormones provide a kind of chemical intelligence. Trees have a memory. They can analyse problems and find solutions. A tree shaken by a gale puts on a spurt of growth and becomes slightly fatter and more wind-proof. It reacts to an invasion of caterpillars by producing smaller, less caterpillar-friendly leaves.”

(From a review of “The secret life of trees” by Colin Tudge)