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Peaceful Resonance is the culmination of over 9 years of playing music for hospice patients and their families with instruments such as the modal acoustic guitar (tuned to harp-like resonance) and the modified African kora (26-string West African harp-lute).

Tom Rossi creates a peacefully potent atmosphere that has proven countless times to relieve stress, tension, pain and anxiety. The music is totally improvised with Tom Rossi’s full attention to the listener. Sensing what is needed in the moment to help, specific ones and harmonies of Rossi’s exotic instruments are applied to relax the mind so the body can find a deeper state of stillness and rest.

Music, modified African harp and modal guitar by Tom Rossi

Ebowed guitars by Michael Hewett

Produced by Vidura Barrios and Tom Rossi for Inner Splendor Media and Salma Har Productions

Video Design by Jeffrey Main