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This song is made in dedication to World Peace Day 2012 • in collaboration with and SianGlobal, Beautiful Chorus presents this song as an offering of peace and in the awareness that we each contribute to the reality of this world via our imagination and personal experience. To resonate with peace is to become peace, ever-becoming, expanding. Better and better always • We are happy to present this song to all participants of peace around the globe. XO ~BC

**the beautiful instrumental track you hear is Anabel by Peloton Corsica.
You can download the instrumental track here:

It can happen, the more we imagine.
Feel the deepest part of your heart
and what it’s saying.
We are all connected by the stream.
A desire, a pull, toward peace.

The world is as we make it,
and NOW’s the time to take this leap.
The world is as we make it,
it’s time to celebrate our Peace.’


released 21 September 2012
Beautiful Chorus with Peloton Corsica on production

Yes, it’s time to celebrate our Peace. Peace is who we are, and we are all connected by the stream of peace in our heart.

It reminds me of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s quote:

“We are all connected

to each other biologically

to the earth chemically

to the rest of the universe atomically”

May we all continue to celebrate the vibrations of peace in the atomic reality of our innermost beings.