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Contemporary Christian recording artist Mela Kamin ( Co-written by Mela Kamin, Carl Herrgesell and Dan Needham. Performed by Mela Kamin. Recorded at Brownstone Recording, Nashville.

Track: I PRAY
Album: Summer in My Soul
Artist: Mela Kamin

Whenever I fall
Whenever I need a friend
Whenever I’m near the end
I pray

When life is enough
The future is hard to see
I fall down to my knees
I pray

It’s Your voice I need inside of me
I believe Your hand is guiding me
All I wanna be is near to You

When the hurt is too much
All I wanna do is cry
You hear what I try to hide
When I pray

When life is so sweet
Your mercy falls down on me
And my heart is filled with thanks
I pray


Whenever you fall
Whenever you need a friend
Whenever you’re near the end
Just pray

Words by Mela Kamin, Carl Herrgesell & Dan Needham
Music by Herrgesell & Needham