Video commentary:

Music: Grateful Heart by Anthony Burbidge from the album “Newborn”.
Photographs by Fearless Photography
If you can hear my voice now God
Then won’t you take this song to be a gift of love
I hope you hear me say

Thank-you for the sun
And thank-you for the stars
For all that you have done
And for all the things you are
May you know I have a grateful heart

And if one life is all I’ve got
Then now I tell you God
I’m grateful and in awe of the world around me

Thank-you for the sun
And thank-you for the moon
For all that I’ve become
And for all that I’ve been through
May you know this grateful heart’s for you

You found me in the night
When my life was filled with pain
And you reached me with your light
And your angels kept me safe
Now I find you in the skies
And within the falling rain
You are hidden in all life
And in every breath I take
And now that I have seen
I will never be the same
And you will have a grateful heart in me

And if I should stumble once again;
Fall in darkness without end
On your grace I will depend
And when I heal, I’ll say

Thank-you for the hurt
And thank-you for my pain
And thank-you for this life
And how it’s opened me in ways
That made me see
A grateful heart in me

Oh now I see a grateful heart in me