The Jesus that doesn’t fit into the usual conservative christian religious concepts of morality and conformity defies any attempt to classify or label Him. He is a Rebel because He Revels in freedom, instead of bondage or authority. He is a Law-breaker because His Love compels Him to act contrary to the man-made laws, such as healing the sick on the Jewish Sabbath days. He is a Friend of prostitutes because He sees them as fellow human beings, not labelling or discriminating them based on their outward profession or performance but affirming and accepting them for who they intrinsically are – beloved and blameless daughters of God, and divine goddesses. And yes, He is a Hater of Religion because He is against any form of religious fundamentalism and beckons us to come to Him and experience the Real Rest, for real rest is the best for our souls when we can live freely and lightly without any shame or guilt, like little children. We can enjoy life and discover miracles with childlike wonder as we recover our inner child.

the child in us

Who is of smiling face
bestower of all fortunes
whose hands are ready to rescue anyone from fear
who is adorned by various ornaments with precious stones
for to us a child is born
to us a son is given
and the government will be upon his shoulder
some day you came
and i knew you were the one
you were the rain, you were the sun
but i needed both, cause i need you
you were the one
i was dreaming of all my life
when it is dark you are my light
but don’t forget who’s always our guide
it’s the child in us