According to the composer Gene Emerson, the music is based on Rumi’s poem “The call of the reed”, which expresses a profound message of free spirited devotion, love, passion and peace for humanity. It signifies lofty and beautiful ideals. I think that’s an ideal music for dwelling in higher consciousness of love and peace too – it evoked a sense of awe and serenity in me as I was listening to it just now and thinking of my beloved sweetheart.

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Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved 2011

Dearest friends, subscribers and supporters,
I want to take this opportunity to send you my new composition “The Call of the Reed ” as a New Year present.

Warmest Seasons greetings from Vancouver, Canada


‘The Call of the Reed’ (flute) is my new original composition and arrangements for piano violin duet. It was composed in Nov 2011. The violin is played by wonderful viola/violin player and teacher Reg Quiring. ‘The Call of the Reed’ Is a poem by Rumi, the great 13th century Persian poet. It has deeply moved and inspired me to name my composition after this absolutely magnificent poem. Rumi is one of my most favorite poets in the world. By ‘The Call of the Reed’, Rumi expresses a profound message of free spirited devotion, love, passion and peace for humanity. It signify’s lofty and beautiful ideals. I would like to dedicate this piece to all my dear friends, subscribers and supporters as a gesture of gratitude for their great encouragements and support.

With all my love,


The Call of the Reed
* (flute) Copyright Protected. All Right Reserved
Listen to the call of the Reed,
It talks of separation!
Ever since they cut me from the reed bed,
listening to my wailing songs,
man and woman,
sobbed bitterly.
I searched for the tormented heart
that knows of separation,
to share my painful tale.
Whoever has left his roots,
will come back one day to seek the roots!
I joined every crowd
singing my sad songs
and became one,
with the happy and the sad.
Each thought, he is my friend
no one searched my inner secrets.
My secrets, my wailings are connected,
but you need eyes and ears to know.
Body is not separated from the soul
but he sees only the body and not the soul.
My wailing song is the fire
whoever doesn’t have this fire, is not alive

It is the fire of love,
that goes through the reed.
It is the power of love,
that makes the wine.
If days are gone,
let it be,
there is no fear,
you are here,
oh beloved, the purest of all.
Oh my child,
threw away your chains.
be free!
how long you want to be slave of gold and silver?
Whoever has fallen in love with the beloved
is free from all faults and greeds.
Oh my beloved my sweet dream,
be joyous !
You are the healer of all our pain.


* The new approach in translation of Rumi’s poetry from the original Persian text of 800 years old, is done in such a way as not to sacrifice, change or modify the true meaning and the real message that Rumi wanted to deliver. Another words, in translation, substance rather than the form has been given priority. The translator’s aim is to diligently safeguard the authenticity and originality of Persian text and Rumi’s thoughts and spirit.
“Burning Heart” (Mahrough)